What is the future of high school in the Arkansas Delta?

Launching June 10

Our approach to education

Experience a revolutionary approach to learning where students are empowered to lead, design, and innovate their own educational experiences.

Competency-based assessment

Students demonstrate mastery of specific skills and subjects at their own pace, focusing on competency rather than seat time or checking boxes.

Flexible schedule and formatting

Education on your family’s schedule. Synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid, remote, face-to-face, we work with you.

Human-Centered Design Approach

Rooted in human-centered design, our curriculum focuses on empathy, creativity, and innovation to prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow.

Real-World Problem Solving

Students tackle real-world problems through hands-on projects, developing critical thinking and practical skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Empowering Student-Driven Learning

Our school prioritizes student-driven learning, allowing each individual to shape their educational journey and pursue their passions.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

We collaborate with professional partners to provide experiential learning opportunities, connecting students with real-world industry experiences. This is not simply an internship, this true collaboration.

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